Toastmaster V-V-V-Vishal gave his first ever humurous speech on the topic “Funniest Moment of a PWS” and won the contest

Before Contest :
I already had backed out from the contest as I was having lot of work load at office, but I decided at-least I will go to watch others.

During Contest :
Contest has begun, During Running contest, in whispering voice I told to the Contest chair that I have topic, I can try to participate but I told that I am blank with content and what she did, she wrote my name in the speaker list. Now my heart-beat became so fast….coz I knew I don’t have anything to tell except 1-2 points. 

But finally after 2 contestant, my turn came and till then I had written 4 hilarious points regarding my title “Funnies moments of a PWS”. Then I went there and now you can watch me what I spoke.

Behind this Chance : 
I am so thankful to my GOD and office colleagues that they have trust on me always that I can do anything but friends, since 1 months, My stammering fall is going on and I wanted to do something then Finally,  God gave me this chance. You know first time ever in my life till TISA journey since 2012, I stammered freely & openly and I felt proud to accept myself and to say yes I am a person who stammer but I can do what I want to do.


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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Wah wah..
    Allahabad has produced quite a few talents!
    When a pws can see funny side of stammering and talk about it to a roomful of strangers: He has reached a very high point in RECOVERY imho!
    Actually, if we could lean back and look around a little bit dispassionately, we will find that the whole world is a big joke, a big leela..

  2. vivek maurya 3 years ago

    great speech Vishal sir…u r my inspiration ?


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