Know thy Coordinator!

shutterstock_67691131-292x300I met JP and Renu (his wife) a few days ago. Both of them looked great, in spite of the recent viral! He is on a sabbatical from TISA and – I am sure, some day, like Halley’s comet he will return from the outer space, recharged and full of creative ideas…

I too need some space to think, dream, visualize and – probably write (Ek hakle ki aatmkatha?!). A broad band of creative, enthused and sincere young women and men have emerged in the meantime, which is consistently taking this movement further. Nothing could be more opportune for us as a community. I have requested Harish (and for the first time, he has agreed!) to take over the role of National Coordinator.

As we all know, TISA is a collective effort. It progresses only when each one of us works. Volunteers running SHGs, conference calls, whatsapp groups, FB pages, workshops, talent shows, school visits, NCs, visiting cards, website, blog and what not!! – are the real “Community leaders”. (I sincerely thank each one of them!). National coordinator is just to ensure free flow of information all round and to keep the “conscience” of the movement intact. Harish, whom I have known since 2009, is the right person for this job. But he can play his role only if you play your role. And together, we can make a difference.

As a social worker, who has observed many organisations- formal and informal, I think we are doing GREAT! We just have to keep our foot on the gas pedal.. Here is a little intro, I wrote about Harish on the blog:

“Harish holds a masters degree in IT, and works as a Module Lead in a leading IT firm in Goa. He has many hobbies: writing, graphic designing, mimicry, singing and a lot more, waiting to be discovered, I guess..
Someday, I am sure, he will start a business, publish a novel, raise a great family… in a nutshell, achieve everything worthwhile under the Goan sun. But life has a price. You have to work and earn every experience, every bit of insight. Harish too has led a life, which cannot be called “easy” by any stretch of imagination…” (more)

See you all in Goa soon!



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