Thoughts on NH17….

A big Cheers to All,

         If you were in this NC, you would know how amazing these three days were! Not only because of meeting so many stammers in one place but also the scenic beauty. On the beach, when you look to the ocean and see its limits and still, the balance and the harmony in everything, you wonder how amazing creator must be. I am still in the “high” of greenery, breeze and sound of waves. A lot of new members have joined into our little world since me. Listening to tales about their struggles reminded me of what changes has come in me in these two years. This NC also brought back the beautiful memories of bunking classes when we left the conference hall and went for a walk on the beach(although I advise no one to do it).

           There was a lot which I learnt from the members of the NC, be it becoming besharam from Suresh or learning to accept yourself as Virendra or Lavish expressing his feeling for her mother(which is a dreadful thing for me), and all other great courageous people. This NC was a wonderful blessing. Among all these little things, there were some which put a hard dent on my mind, I am sharing some of them.

     1. From the past few months, I was becoming more n more ashamed of my stammering, i started to hide it from people, trying to speak fluent. This NC reminded me not to be someone I am not, but grow in my own skin.
     2. I had lost the motivation for writing. After listening to Sachin sir, I am feeling motivated to pick up the pen and start scribbling into that old dairy again.
      3. For last some time, i have been not connected to SHG. After spending these three days with them, i finally can feel that bond again.
      4. I had stopped trying out new things, After going to the stage for that play, it reminded me what a heart pounding thing that is.
      5. That presentation by Dr. Farida was a bbig step for self-realization.
      6. People who buffer was an outstanding play. Somewhere in the middle i was in a state of tranquillity where you are just awed by the art. 
      ….. and many more.

        A big thanks and salute to all the Goa members and volunteers for arranging such a beautiful event. A thumbs up to all the people who came for the NC. It was a pleasure meeting all of you(even who i could not talk to.)  Waiting for our next meet…


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  1. Vishal Gupta 4 years ago

    what an amazing expressive and "TRUE :P" report by you 🙂 and indeed sometime in life, you will feel like to be isolated from the people or from the social things but when you see the nature and its internal voices you realize that still i have a hope and I have a hope because only I know my capabilities.

    Veer tum bade chalo 🙂 God bless you

  2. Sachin 4 years ago

    अरे शोभित बबुआ – गागर में सागर भर दिया तुमने तो!

    It is never late! In Varun's words:

    Roll up the mountains and jump into the sea..
    Climb up the fountains until you can not see..
    You are a star in the making, you are your destiny..
    So fire up the engines and be what you wanna be!


  3. admin 4 years ago

    You words really are encouraging sir. Feeling more motivated with your and vishal's words…… ☺


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