Roll Call

Dont know who started this- but on the third day in Goa, someone said: let us have roll call to see how many of registered participants have actually arrived. During roll call, no one was able to say “Yesss Sirr”!  Half of people ran to toilets. So, finally we decided to have a group photo instead – just for records (below). ncgoa2016 Further meta-investigations have revealed that it was a non-stammerer’s idea (to have a roll call) – Rameez – yes, the only non-pws! But thank you Rameez for joining us!


If you have liked these pics, here are more:

Abhinav –

Dipesh –
Sharath –

Mukul Deep Singh –

Vishal Gupta –

Anita Singh –

Deepesh Singh –

Hakla Hakla Song –

Woman who stutter Play –

(Mini Humor piece by sachin!)


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