“Strength lies in difference not in similarities”

Members: Abhinav, Bharath, Mansi, Pramod, Pratibha, Rahul, Rajesh, Rueben, Sharath, Shobit, Subhrojith, Subrat, Sudhansu and Tarunidhar

Guests: Aparamita, Kranti, Kranti’s neighbour, Indira and Sandhya,

Today I admit that writing a report for the majority times has been a ‘work’ to me. I am sure my perfectionist nature in sync with my foolishness contribute to making this as ‘work’ which instead would be an effortless enjoyment to a lot.

As I ponder over the above feeling, I understand that in “this difference lies harmony and that is the very reason this self help group is existent”!


Communication in simple words is the connectivity between beings. And speech being the connectivity between the ‘intelligent’ species is in a way the unspoken -taken for granted norm. So what happens when these intelligent creatures connect with each other through ‘speech’ and the same beings intercept disruptions. Does intelligence makes it easier, overcome, fight or come home about it?

To answer these questions, the doors of SHG this time was open to people from our lives – the closed ones, the loved ones or just the curious ones into our abode.
October 2nd, the birthday of the Mahatma, was in its start with a piece in Cubbon Park.

As I invited our guests and fellow members into the meeting and set the theme, the introductions took place with its ‘sweet n sour’ takeaways. I am sure the ‘intelligent non disruption facing beings’ never get the significance of introductions!

And I sing this to my name ” I know you so well, but just that you always go into the well!”

To further dive into the significance of introductions and why we all are here today, Abhinav introduced the concept of TISA-SHG for the guests.

Promising a space for all burning questions to be addressed he brought the next activity on board- The impromptu speech.

Impromptu speeches as always, went on the same lines as the calls of life – spontaneous,unprepared and limited. Whether you enjoy or suffer, it is up to you!

And what we got to see were vivid and imaginative descriptions rendered from the participants on mundane things 🙂

The stage was now opened for the guests to share their views about the subject ‘stammering’ and what it invoked in their minds. Statements from the guest speakers like” I wouldnt have been sensitive to this issue if not for this friend of mine who stutters” or “yeah I knew somebody, somewhere who stuttered” and “yes, I understand now that why it is just not cool to fill words” were heard.

Further deep, things to witness ranged from Sandhya’s surprise at the nature of speech (fluent at times and just plain unarticulated) in her friend or Aparamita’s curiousity to seek the answer for what it is that feels so excruciating at onset of a stutter.

From Krantis’ personal experience of a childhood stutter and foray into spirituality to Indira’s realization that just being present to a PWS is all that he expects, came out during this sharing activity.

The members then took turns to answer the questions that were put across by the guests. As the sun got brighter and one was feeling the warm rays on the back, the discussion turned to a platform of intelligent species involuntarily moving towards a concord, where the stutter took a backseat finally.

Bengaluru SHG has always been like Bengaluru – Diverse! Even this meeting had its roller coaster from laughter at jinxes to heightened emotions. From debates to pulling legs.. all enjoyed with a cup of juice and some old Indian chips at end.

With this meeting’s conclusion we hope that not just awareness about stammering but the idea behind a self help group in all its good nature, reach out to more people and lead to a society that is more tolerating towards differences.

While we were enjoying the last munch, our two very dear four legged friends joined the gala. As we moved towards our homes after waving each other, a Sunday well spent just gave me the highs for facing the next five full days!


Thanks and Best Regards

Pramod VP

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