A day from the past

When I was in 9th standard, There was a story told by my class teacher. I remember the traces of it but will try to tell in my own words. The story goes like this….

There was once an old man who lived in a city. He lived in a very posh area. There lived a lot of others families there. So the area was full of kids. One day kids being kids decided to play near old man’s house and started making a lot of noise. This all noise made old man mad. He at this age of his life just wanted to live in peace but this was not possible with all these kids playing just outside his house. One day he went up to the kids and said, “Hey kids, You know I love you guys making this much noise. It fills my head with so much pleasure. Here I have  a gift for all of you.” Thus he gave all of them a coin to two rupees. All kids were ecstatic. They started to make more noise from the following day.  Each day the old man gave them two rupees after they are done. Each day kids left happily.

After one week When the kids were returning, The old man came to them, praised them as everyday and gave them the coin. but it was not two rupees today, it was one rupee. He told that he has not enough money now to give them. He can only give them one rupee. The kids were sad but they left with that one rupee. Now old man started to give one rupee each day. This continued for a while. After that in the same manner, old guy reached to 50 paise and the 25 Paise.

When it reached to 25 paise, all kids got angry, They left the place saying that they will not make noise for you on this small amount of money.

How relevant this story is now a days. How easily things can be solved if we look at them from a different view. Like Farida Ma’am told in the NC. Try to look things in a way other than your first perspective. Find ways how this can be solved in a different way. How what I am thinking might not be true! How there can be a simpler way to do this!….

  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Wow! Shobhit, you got the correct message from NC… A little shift in perspective and life changes. Once, my beloved dog died. That day I had to go to deposit BSNL bill. I stood in line and someone tried to cut in.. On other days, I would have protested and screamed.. But that day, I was sad and I felt, what does it matter if I leave here a few minutes later? I smiled at him- he too hurriedly said- I am in a rush- Please forgive- and thank you so much!
    This is how life goes on.. We need to carefully choose our battles.. which are the worthy ones- let us think deeply.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Author
    Shobhit 3 years ago

    Your anecdotes are truly inspiring sir. Do write some of your stories here too…. 🙂

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