NC 2016 Financial Transparency

Dear All,

In the spirit of TISA’s transparency, we wanted to share the NC 2016 Financials.

Please see google sheet – Bank_Account_NC_2016_Details. Basically, we brought in INR 427,475 due to the NC. We spent, INR 410,832. Hence, we have a balance of INR 16,643.

One NC participant caught dengue a few days before the NC, hence he was unable to attend. In light of his sickness, we will be refunding him INR 3705.

Hence, total NET balance of NC is INR 12,938. We will use this money for future TISA activities.

If you have any questions, feel free to post comment here or email us


  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Thanks Dhruv! Great sewa!

  2. Vikas Ranga 3 years ago

    Great work, Dhruv.

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