Super Sunday SHG in Mumbai!

Hey everyone,
Though I don’t like writing, but I am really excited to write this post on our super last Sunday SHG meeting. It was special, not only because it was International stammering awareness day but also because it was planned in a place where I am actually planning to retire and spend my old age “The National Park”.
There is always been different about being with the nature. Fresh air, birds watching, water falls, huge trees. And what’s more exciting when you spend time with your own TISA friends. Well it doesn’t end here, what made it more special that we all decided to cycle. It all started in trying to find out which cycle is the best and then flying with it. We explore all the nearby places. Taking photograph everywhere. Not to forget, the place where we all took a small break and parked our cycles, sat down on the rocks keeping our feet in the water, and there was nothing more relaxing than that. We also ruin a newly getting married couple who came to park for their wedding photograph. We tried our best to be little far and let them enjoy their special moments but i am sure they will find one of us in their wedding photos. (photobomb)
Well, off course we were all hungry than, and as planned we all got our mom made favorites foods. It was just like a 4 course meal that started with some starters, lots of food, and then some sweets at the end. The meal was the most amazing part of the day. We played damsharas game , guessed movies which we had no clue, but still guessed it. It all ended with discussion on stammering with the intern SLP which came to take survey.
Like at the end of every meeting, I always think of what I have learnt today. So to share some of them, it’s always amazing spending time with friends who understand you better. Though we stammered while communicating with each other, but no one realized nor gave attention to it. It was day where we almost forgot about stammering. And that’s how our life should be. People who worry about it once will look back and realize you worried too much about something that don’t really matter. With that, looking for more experience and wonderful moment with all of you.
Jayesh Patil

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