Young minds…

dsc02453-coipyI had an invitation to talk about discrimination and diversity to a group of students doing Diploma in Health Assistance, in the local hospital. After initial hitch, which technology almost always throws at you tauntingly – we were off to a good start. Multimedia was working. I introduced the theme quickly in a few lines and then- suddenly I began to stammer “really well” – on purpose of course, and with a straight face. Then I asked one of the girls if she were having any difficulty. Of course they were having some difficulty following me.

“OK, so I will tell you what you can do to reduce YOUR own difficulty..” (Big smile- everyone!)

Listen attentively -and ask questions!

I showed them Julia Irani’s DAWN TV interview. My favorite clip.

Then, Nick Vujick.

In about one hour, everyone got the message- that “disability” is diversity, shaped by social beliefs and practices. Nothing more, nothing less. They have also learned about 3 point stammering protocol!

I am getting ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow we practice Jhumelo ( a dance form) in Gandhi Park. I hope we will not get arrested for public nuisance..


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