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vishal(Challenging meeting at home town!)

Hi everyone,
As I declared to arrange 1st ever shg meeting at my home town chikhali, dist Buldhana, Maharashtra on 29th oct. We met 3 pws and 5 non-pws. So we started with introduction round where everyone had to tell his name, address, mb no, family, job,etc. Then we did exercise of telling our name in different ways like bouncing, prolongation, high tone, with some act, saviour stammering, etc. Everyone enjoyed this exercise.
After this, I gave brief introduction of TISA, 3 core values of TISA, how TISA works in all over India with the help of SHG, some successful examples of pws like Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill, Bruce Willis, Hrithik Roshan,etc. Then, we 3 pws shared our past experiences about stammering. Non pws got shocked by seeing our struggle of life. Some of non pws were my school mate but they didn’t know about me after schooling. Then I explained about how did acceptance of Stammering play a vital role in pws’ life and what TISA did for that.
Finally we did exercise of changing role of pws and non pws i.e. pws became non pws and vice versa. This powerful exercise opened the eyes of non pws by actually experiencing the struggle of pws. Then a non pws who was perceiving his MD in psychiatric from Mumbai said that I really acknowledge the contribution of TISA and now onwards I referred our patients who are stammerer to TISA i. e. Mumbai SHG.
In this way, we wrapped up SHG meeting with sweet memories. I really enjoyed this 1st SHG meeting at my hometown. So I am very thankful to TISA Pune SHG who made my Diwali very special.

Best wishes,
Vishal Yeole.

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