Dehradun SHG Meet, 6th November, 2016


The one aspect I love the most about winters is- morning sunshine. Wait, it’s not over yet. All the PWS from Dehradun SHG along with Dr Sachin, lush green lawns of Gandhi park, lots of food and drinks, and the mesmerizing weather of Dehradun! A perfect get together!

10:00 am sharp (pun intended!), all the members were in the Gandhi park. We decided to have a picnic together with all the fun activities and sumptuous food and drinks. There were Dayal, Ravi, Krishna, Pankaj, Gaurav, Vipul, Dr Sachin and Mohit.

We generally discussed about why living a “normal” life without stressing too much on the stammering is a practical approach. Sachin gave inspiring examples of people from the mountainous regions of Uttarakhand who are living their life and not spending their life! Vipul and Gaurav cleared their doubts, shared their experiences and felt relieved. Everyone got many chances to talk, ask and share.

Afterwards, we started with the introductions. Everyone introduced themselves in their own style. Everyone did a commendable job but, most of them lacked a key ingredient for a good introduction- their hobbies. A generic introduction with your accomplishments is necessary but it’s incomplete without your hobbies. Your interests define your personality. As I said earlier, live a life rather than spending it!

Every place is known for its traditional customs and rituals. At Gandhi park, we all performed a gig. Uttarakhand folk dance, Jhoomelo. It signifies the spirit of unity and affection in the sacred mountains of Uttarakhand. I’m sure that the audience enjoyed our desynchronized yet ecstatic dance.

It was time for the most important activity- lunch! We had homemade paranthas with vegetables, Vipul brought delicious sooji ka halwa, Dayal brought cold drink, Krishna got hot samosas with chutney, Ravi brought a variety of chips and Dr Sachin brought bananas and guavas. Everyone had more than they could handle! This was a sign that the meeting is almost over!

We clicked pictures and made video of our dance, had some wisdom talks. We planned to schedule at least two get together’s every month. After this, we all dispersed to spend Sunday with our respective girlfriends! Yes, you heard it right. 😉

Mohit (Dehradun SHG)


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