Acceptance – Rising Above Stammering

     Many PWS have asked or have been asked about acceptance of stammering. What is acceptance? How to accept my stammer? Many have also wondered why have I not yet found true acceptance.

     I myself have been very much attracted towards the concept of acceptance stammering, but have frequently asked myself have I accepted my stammering? How do I accept my stammering? Tell a friend that I stammer, do voluntary stammering or write a post about my stammering. In spite of doing all these, I have lived in state of confusion. Why have I not accepted my stammering yet?

     Recently I have noticed something, I used to ask similar questions to myself about being happy. How can I be happy?Why I am not happy? Few days ago, I read a wise men thoughts about happiness, he said you can’t expect some magic will happen and you will feel happiness. You have to create happiness for you by doing things tasks which makes you feel good. I think same is for acceptance about stammering, you have to rise above stammering and do task in spite of your conscious mind making you aware that you are a stammerer you cannot do it. I think that truly means you do not care you stammer or you know you stammer but other things are more important to you than your stammering, so you do not let yourself hold you because of stammering.

The questions about acceptance of our stammering will always be there in our mind as long as we stammerer. So do not give too much focus towards acceptance just live your life and conquer your goals, because in the end we only regret the chances we did not take.

  1. Sachin 4 years ago

    Dear Ravi, thanks! This reminds me of another great saying: Negative thoughts are conquered by Positive ACTIONS, not by positive thoughts..
    Keep sharing your thoughts here..

  2. roshan jain 3 years ago

    It’s really motivational.thnx

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