Bnagalore SHG Report 6 Nov. 2016

Hello Everyone,

It becomes very nice atmosphere when experienced members of SHGs comes. Similar happened this week when we had Dinesh with us after a long time. This meeting started with a everyone sharing what they are doing with to improve their communicaton apart from coming ti SHG. I started that activity with sharing a work which i need to do tomorrow and I am not in the right mind to do it. After each person’s sharing, we had a very good feedback from Dinesh who advised us to what  more can be done. In this activity, we came to know about Amarnath’s promotion which he got after telling them that he is resigning and about Prateek who is now changing his job. One more thing which we came to know is he(Prateek) is a very good photoshoper(I don’t know if this is the correct word or not).

In sometime between meeting, Dinesh talked to us about time when he desperately wanted SHG to be there. Since there was none, So he instead of waiting for someone else to initiate, he himself started the SHG. This is truly very inspiring for us.

In  the second activity, we tried our difficult words with a technique shared by Dinesh. In this,  on our difficult words, we are to nod before saying that word and then slowly speak that word. Mansi started this and then we all followed the same. The best thing about this technique is it looks super cool when you use it. After this Dinesh shared his experience of Vipassana, how it helps in everything not just stammering. Then I shared my experience in giving up sugar and how it affects our mind as well as body. I say everyone give it a try, give up processed sugar in everything for two months and see what happens. Eat jaggery or honey in place of sugar. At the end, some group members had planned to watch movie so we decided to close the meeting.


Some Takeaways from the meeting:

Everyone should go for Vipassana at least once and to any TISA event which is happening.

This is not valid only for PWS but for  general, we should always try new things. Take up some music or yoga or martial art class just to increase the dimension of the mind. The more we know, the more it is complimentary for our personality.

Not only SHG is enough. You need to explore more ways to talk more n more and have first hand experience of talking up. If noone is initiating it, you become the one to start it.

Wes should not start with our most difficult situation. First start in the swimming pool and then slowly move towards the ocean.


All in all, this meeting was more like a mini workshop for us. We learnt many things and where are we lacking. What can be done to improve more.  Dinesh’s presence made is more interesting. We should call our founding members from time to time to guide us in right direction.


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Post Author: Shobhit

3 thoughts on “Bnagalore SHG Report 6 Nov. 2016


    (November 9, 2016 - 6:22 pm)

    Yes, Dinesh is a GEM! When such people participate, you get a glimpse of how your group started- and how initiative can be taken, even when our own difficulties seem insurmountable..

    You are writing very well: Include a little picture too next time- so that we, the readers, can attach names to a face.. for future reference..



    (November 18, 2016 - 12:14 pm)

    I tried to include but i don’t know how to attach an image to this.


      (November 24, 2016 - 6:12 pm)

      Thank you, Shobhit. It was because of access level; I have increased it to “Author” now. You should have no problem. Feel free to let us know.. And keep writing!

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