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Today’s event in National park was attended by Dheeraj and I. Before the meet, Dhruv had sent me the manual.

The first round that we did was telling our name with a pause and with a smile.

The second round was using the bouncing technique. This round we divided into various subrounds. The first sub-round was telling a line using the bouncing technique. Like M-m-m-m-m my name is N-n-n-n-n Nikhil. What we ensured that we made 6 bounces on my and our own name. The second sub-round we repeated the same but this time by maintaining eye contact and in a relaxed manner. In the third sub-round we told a new line and the line was M-m-m-m-m Mein h-h-h’h-h- haklata hun. We told this in 2 ways. First time in a whispering way and the second time in a loud way

The next round that we did was slow reading. We read around 6 paragraphs each.

The next round was story telling round. We made a story by each person saying one line. In this we ensured that. We bounce on atleast one word. It was a real fun activity. What was important in this is acute listening. U need to listen what the other person says and then cultivate your own line based on the other person’s line and also bounce on a word. It was super fun round.

Then after this we did the same bouncing excerise practically in National Park by meeting 10 people. In this we made them aware abt tisa, moto of our grp, places we meet, then their feelings when they see a stammerer, and to send anyone who stammers to Tisa. Also we made sure while speaking to them we do bouncing on atleast 1 word

Their common answer was

1) its normal to stammer.
2) considering stammering as a talent and then deal with it.
3) concentrating more on other things that we are capable of and stammering can never ever be an obstacle and it won’t affect our daily life.

This was the summary of today’s meet.

(Ed. Thank you Nikhil! and friends! Hope this post attracts more IPWS to your next meeting..)

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    (November 14, 2016 - 6:46 pm)

    Well done, Nikhil and Team! This is the sure way to get a handle on your feelings and other difficulties in talking to strangers.. Moreover, meeting in a group is by itself so much fun!

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