Are you a Rogerian?

I just discovered that our approach in TISA is very much like that of Carl Rogers, who gave birth to Humanistic Psychology. This was a rebellion against Psychoanalytic and Behaviouristic schools. Psychoanalyst believed that our current behaviour was controlled by what happened long time back in our childhood- dark, unhappy things. Behaviorist believed that environment (rewards and punishment) totally governed our behaviour. Carl came up with a very radical new idea: Free will – man had a choice in the matter, independent of what happened in the past and the mechanics of “stick and carrot” of the world. He seems to have put us up on a high pedestal – fit for humans – high above white mice and salivating dogs! (joking!)

One of his statements which support our approach to acceptance: “A curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am- then, change becomes possible“. He gave birth to special school of counseling: based on empathy, unconditional positive regard, and genuineness. This can be seen in this video, where he counsels Gloria, a divorcee with serious questions and dilemmas in 60s America – but without offering her easy answers. By the end, you can see that he succeeds in getting Gloria to reach her OWN solutions and understanding. Those of you who are running SHGs (physical or virtual) or those who are frequently counseling other pws, should watch this famous video:

Start at 9.26 minutes and put on the closed caption to catch Carl’s words (full of wisdom).


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1 thought on “Are you a Rogerian?

    Vikas Ranga

    (December 10, 2016 - 3:44 am)

    Wow, really true psychologists give importance to acceptance. It reminds me one scene from Dear Zindagi.
    Alya to her gay friend: Why did you go to psychologist? You went so that you could tell to everyone that you are a gay.
    He said NO and paused.
    The he said, I went so that I CAN TELL TO MYSELF THAT I AM A GAY.
    Great example of acceptance.

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