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I might have read this book number of times before writing down this piece of my personal journey. I came in contact with this book and SHG {Chandigarh} more than a year back. This time period has brought me in contact with many people who are working on their stutter and trying to find out a remedy for it. My contact with Dr. Sachin, author of this book happens to be through Mr. Jasbir Sandhu with whom I spoke quite many times on phone regarding this ‘transfluency’. After reading this book I can state this with deep conviction that it is a Bible for all those who are trying to embrace or have embraced “acceptance” of their diversity.

The beauty of this book lies in its coverage – physical, mental, emotional and societal on the PWS. After going through few chapters one sees his/her story being honestly narrated. PWS immediately gets associated with it; very few books have this quality of striking a personal connection with the reader. While this book presents a practical guideline of various techniques one needs to adopt to improve on his/her speech impediment it also does a ruthless dissection of the negative thoughts and low self-esteem which PWS adopts in his/her everyday life experiences.

There are many facets to this book which makes it the quintessential for every PWS to keep it as a constant source of self motivation. Firstly, it is a book written by a PWS, so one encounters the naked truth of the various challenges a PWS undergoes in dealing with real life situations. So, psychologically one feels secure that all PWS generate similar thoughts, feelings and aspirations in relation to this diversity.

Secondly, it provides various theories propagated by various psychologists in a nutshell. PWS might have read a lot on stuttering but this book provides a fine balance between conventional therapies and recent innovations in managing one’s stammer. Thirdly, it openly declares that there is no clear-cut way to cure one’s stammer; one can only manage it with coping mechanisms.

Fourthly, it discusses the emotions in length and breadth which a PWS churns every day. It provides a variety of methods to manage one’s stutter and strongly emphasises the role played by consistency, self-discipline and self-motivation in one’s path to self improvement. Fifthly, it focuses on the core techniques (pausing, prolongation, bouncing and voluntary stuttering) with equal focus on vocal and breathing exercises coupled with meditation.

Sixthly, it very minutely discusses about the various misconceptions we develop in our life due to our negative thinking for instance: – the difference between denial and acceptance, how a PWS becomes overzealous to cure his stammer in a short while and adopts so many changes that he lands up in failure! It highlights the role played by patience and perseverance in managing one’s stutter throughout one’s lifetime.

Seventhly, it encourages one to embrace a wider and a happier viewpoint towards life, becoming more helpful and considerate to others need, coming out of this mindset of my problem, my bad experience, my this, my that etc. Eighthly, it introduces a PWS to various innovative techniques like: emotional freedom technique, Jo-hari window, questionnaire to change one’s negative self-image etc.

Ninthly it gently mentions the role played by other factors like procrastination, lethargy, non-interest etc. in one’s every day dissatisfaction. Tenthly, after a thorough reading of this book one feels that it proves as an equally helpful guide even for a non-stutterer for his/her self-improvement. It gracefully covers the various aspects everyone of us need to adopt for a happier and a fuller life.

I as a PWS really salute the indomitable spirit of the writer who has worked so hard and covered such nuances in detail in encouraging the PWS to accept and work on his/her speech. As far as the implementation of the techniques is concerned, I have embraced prolongation and pausing yet. As the book mentions we all differ in the manner and style of our stuttering. I still have to go a long way in my journey but I know I have already started it with my “acceptance” and surely, I will meet my dream!

This little write-up is too little a contribution to highlight the hard work and perspiration of a man who have worked zealously on this diversity issue. Last but not the least, we need to learn and imbibe that there is so much to the personality of a person other than fluent speech.  I am sure our stutter has made us more compassionate, humane and sensitive in our approach to others around us. Let’s embrace our diversity and practise gratitude and consistency in our life…

Thanks a lot, sachin sir. There is still so much to learn from you…Through this small write-up I express my respect and gratitude to you and your formidable spirit. Keep on guiding us…

I would request all the PWS to practise acceptance in reality and never let stuttering be a hurdle in your dreams!

(Editor: Thank you! TISA offers “spaces” where you can practice these ideas – SHGs, Online conferences etc. An ounce of practice… you know the rest!)


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