The Ghatkopar SHG meet

By Rayumand Yazdani

So today we had the shg meet at Ghatkopar coordinated by Dhruv Gupta..

We were 4 people in total, we initially started with the introduction section, Each one introducing themselves.
Later we moved on to the bouncing technique in which we practiced bouncing by making up a story ourselves( story about a squirrel and a hunter), each one saying one sentence and the other following up the story in his on words while practicing bouncing alongside.
We were then asked to discuss on wt caused us to stammer n how v react to it.
Finally we were told on the importance of maintaining a log on when v stammer like for example maintaining a note book n noting down each occasions v stammer. To this suggestion some were in support of it while others were against it.
Lastly v discussed a few aspects on wt bothers us in our day to day lives n the importance on accepting our stammering n accepting ourselves on the way v r.
Summing up the event on a positive note with a very inspirational quote..

“Ships r safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships r meant for “!!! 🙂

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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Great meeting! Yes, I think keeping a journal helps you to become more objective.. No, it does not cause “obsession” with stammering. It is safe and a good self-help tool. Ramandeep says that writing this journal by hand is even better- than typing it! I am sure he has a point there..

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