My Meeting with Sachin Sir

First of all , i will give my small introduction. My name is Ramandeep singh and  i belong to a village in sriganganagar district of Rajasthan. I was defending my stammering since my school days and right now i am attacking my stammering after meeting with sachin sir.

I planned to meet with sachin sir 2 months back. Actually i was connected with TISA DELHI SHG for last 1 year but i was not regular and apart from this ,  I wanted to go to root of this problem and for this i have to meet with ROOT of TISA i.e. Sachin sir. So i went herbertpur for three days (12,13,14th dec). After reaching at herbertpur , i met with sachin sir. In these three days we did many activities for demolishing fear , learning techniques and gathering confidence to communicate in proper way.

  1. one to one talk – i had to give my introduction to many girls and boys one by one . In this activity , i learnt difference between a good speaker and a good communicator – so i decided to become a good communicator not only a good speaker. The effect of techniques was also learnt by me in this activity i.e. b_b_b_bouncing , pppprroolongation , pausing and voluntary stammering.
  2. discussion with sachin sir and Gambhir singh( another PWS) – here i learnt empty chair techniques to remove all my old memories related to stammering which is root cause of this problem.
  3. watching my own video -sir recorded above 2 activities in my mobile and at night i watched myself . Here i realized that if we use techniques properly instead of struggling we can easily become a good communicator.
  4. most fantastic part – tracking – next day (13th) – we went for tracking – here i learnt some life changing lessons which i will try to share in my next posts. i watched the beauty of life which we are ignoring right now due to this stammering problem.
  5. writing thoughts – after coming to base camp i.e. herbertpur – at night i decided to write down all my learning so that i will remember it for long time. Because we often forget listening things after some days so it is always better to note down all the good things and experiences
  6. one to one talk – 14th dec – next day we went to nearby nursing school , where i had to talk with some nursing students one to one and sir recorded our chat . here i learnt some important rules for good communication (i’ll share in some other post )
  7. crowd handling – my most favorite and thrilling part … i had to speak in opd in front of my patients . i enjoyed it in a great way. here i realized that talking  to one person and talking to crowd is almost same and we have to focus on eye contact and some ground techniques . That’s all.
  8. Teaching others – Now i was master and i had to teach all the rules and techniques to another PWS . I enjoyed it very much. I was very excited to share all my learning with fellow man. and i did that .

Now it was time to come back to delhi and apply all my learning in real life so that i will achieve my goal of becoming a good communicator as well as a good speaker.

And one thing that sachin sir told me during this meet ” Dekhte hain iss jatt ka kaleja kitna majboot hai” – let’s see how much strong my heart is …. Really overcoming stammering needs a brave heart…not only sharp mind…

Being Lion….Raman Maan…Signing off…See you at my next post.

  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Yes, it takes some intelligence and a LOT of courage; Instead of thanking me, you should thank yourself: You trusted me and exactly followed the instructions!
    And thank you for your lively company on the trek. Share sometime your thoughts and feelings, as you went back to familiar places back in your village, after visiting me at Herbertpur.. Did you further confront old memories?
    All the best!

  2. Amitsingh Kushwaha 3 years ago

    बहुत सुंदर अनुभव हैं रमनदीप जी. वास्तव में एक कुशल वक्ता और कुशल संचारकर्ता में बहुत बड़ा अंतर है. लोग जब हमारी बात को, हमारे सन्देश हो ठीक तरह से, सही सन्दर्भों में समझ पाएं, वही एक सफल संचार है.

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