Delhi SHG 8-1-17

From Right  to left : – 1. Saurabh 2.Parth 3.Dixit 4.Vivek  5.Ambuj 6.Arunesh 7.Daksh 8. forgot name..sorry bro 9. Abhay Sharma 10.Archit 11. Raman(me)

Delhi SHG meeting held on 8-1-17 at jantar mantar from 11am to 1 pm.

Due to bad weather we were expecting less numbers but at the end of meeting we were 11- good and satisfactory number. And our concern , weather , also helped us with a warm and sunny day – perfect environment for an outdoor meeting .
Today’s host was Mr. Dixit Arora . He handled meeting in satisfactory way.

First round was introduction . Everyone introduced himself one by one and then some senior members shared and revised techniques i.e. acceptance , pprrroooolongation , b_b_b_bouncing , pausing______pausing and vvvvvoooluntrrrrryyyy stammering .

After that round , there was speech round . Everyone gave speech on certain topic for 1.30 minutes . After that salesman acting round was done . Everyone act as a salesman selling products . After that , past experience sharing and effect after joining TISA , round was done.

Informal feedback round was also held  at the end of meeting . some PWS gave suggestions to other pws. After that we had our lunch and went happily to our destination place with  the hope and determination of some real life practice of techniques and acceptance.
Things that can be improved –
1. Everyone should bring notebook to note down learning from the meeting. Human mind can’t remember all the things and we tend to forget things after 1-2 days . so it is better to note things down.
2. Role of CO-Host can be made effective . I think , In every meeting there should be two co-host and work of host (senior member) should be to supervise and helping co-hosts in running meeting .
3.There should be a TIMER who keeps track of timing so that each activity and each member gets proper time.
4.Members should ( ….not must…. ) use techniques during meeting so that after meeting , we feel ease in  implementing these techniques in real situations.

Thanks and hoping that in next meeting we will follow these changes .

Ramandeep Singh

8285115785 (feel free to contact)

  1. Jatin 3 years ago

    Hi Raman and all other SHG members,
    I am jatin, new entrants into TISA family and want to be a part of SHG.
    Just to give my small introduction : I belong to Punjab and living in Delhi for past 12 years.
    I am working in MNC as a Team Manager. I am married and have 3 years old kid.
    I am very keen to meet you all in next SHG. Please do share the upcoming schedule of SHG with venue and date. Would be honoured to be a part of your family.
    Thanks and Regards

    • Author
      Raman Maan 3 years ago

      share your number with me so that we can add you in TISA delhi shg whatsapp group
      feel free to contact me

      • Jatin 3 years ago

        Hi Raman, Please have my number : 9999013188

  2. Sachin 3 years ago

    Yes Raman – written notes are the key to long term learning; And I learned from you that writing by hand does something nice to our brain! ! Keep sharing your positive thoughts and resources..

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