Delhi SHG first parallel meeting held in Japanese park, Rohini

As this is the first meeting we are not expecting more members as we not tell openly in our group as many members have fear of senior people reaction but in end all agreed to meet in Rohini. This is not first meeting, in past too many time we held meeting in Japanese park but not officially. All previous meeting held in Rohini in casual manner but this time we held meeting proper as like a meeting.
Japanese park is too big and well connected with metro station. One gate is near by Sector 9 (near by metro of Rohini West) and other gate is nearby Sector 11 (near by Rithala Metro Station). We set the time of 12pm on 08-Jan-2017 to meet. Total 5 persons attended the first parallel meeting One is me (Shailender), Second Ravi Jagga, Third Sandeep Raja, Fourth Jitender Gupta and Fifth was my daughter.
We start the meeting with introduction as Sandeep was attending the meeting after very long time so he face little bit problem but all ends well then we did the FAQ round as Sandeep came after very long time so he as plenty of questions and we answer one by one of each queries.
Then we did extempore round that also well played by each members. In that round also in each extempore topic everybody stretch it as everybody start FAQ after every extempore. That round also well played by each member.
As it is the first meeting so we decide not took so long so we decide to explore the park as park is too big. Around 1 hours of walk we explored a jet plane where we did photo session near jet plane then we exit the park and talk for some time in parking lot and decide to meet in next week as this week.
Then after meeting I and my daughter decide to visit Metro walk that was around 100 metre from Japanese park where we enjoyed softy, burger, boating etc in there.


Written by Shailender Vinayak

  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Great Idea! Big metros need many more groups in different locations (because of distances and other variables).. Mumbai already have two locations.. I am sure no body will or should mind this. India is a big and complex country : we need many groups and many different approaches to reach out to pws..
    Congrats everyone!

  2. Amitsingh Kushwaha 3 years ago

    Congratulations for this great activity.

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