The change I was looking for!!!! by Tarun

Life is not easy for a stutterer. Every day is a challenge in itself. The worst part is that you don’t know what the worst part is. A rejection in an interview, a ‘NO’ to your proposal, seeing your colleagues getting better appreciation/promotion, screwing up a meeting with a client, ordering food in a restaurant and the list just goes on. The agony of the rejection, the anxiety of non-performance, the predicaments of our daily lives, all eats us up.  But does that mean that is the end of the road i.e. the cul-de-sac. I would say NO or rather a BIG NO.  That’s where comes into the picture: TISA. The Indian Stammering Association is the panacea for all those who are looking forward to delve into the intricacies of stammering and evolve into a better communicator. The modus-operandi of the Self Help Groups (SHGs) is truly phenomenal. I was fortunate enough to attend one at Bandra- Bandstand on 14/01/2017. And I was totally amused. The way we are taught about the basics of good communication with equal emphasis on each member combined with a feedback system is really an exceptional way to hone the communication skills of people with stammering. I was amazed by the never-let-go attitude of the members, the cheerful applauses and the overall concept of providing a platform for each one of the members to express his/her views/suggestions/opinions freely. The meeting was adeptly co-ordinated by the chair i.e. Mr. Dhruv. It’s sometimes so surreal to meet people with whom you can empathize with and who share the same psychology as you do. And to see people who have overcome this so called “Deviant Behaviour” or improvised by regularly attending such sessions/meetings is exhilarating. I am looking forward to be a part of this wonderful team and be a part of this unique force.

– Tarun Chugh


  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Yes, a good facilitator can make a huge difference.. Great job guys.. Now spread the message of self help..

  2. Amitsingh Kushwaha 3 years ago

    Yes, Good communicator is better than Good speaker. So, stammering is not any barrier for doing anything in our life.

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