Delhi SHG Meeting report 22nd Jan 2017

Today’s meeting started on time i.e 12pm. Most of the members reached today’s meeting on time. There were total 14 members present today which were:
Ravi Jagga (Host), Abhay (Co-host), Anurag, Dixit, Raman, Arunesh, Sikander Sir, Aakash, Rana, Anshul, Sandeep, Sanjay (new), Luvmeet (new), Rajiv(new).

The meeting kick started with introduction round. After that, host and co-host gave a brief idea about stammering techniques i.e. (Acceptance, prolongation, bouncing, pausing and voluntary stuttering) to all fellow members and especially to new members. The fellow stammerers were also asked to set a goal (i.e. one of the techniques) which they will apply in today’s meeting. After maintaining a 2 minute meditation, the meeting started with speech round in which each fellow stammerers had to speak on a certain topic (at least 2 min. each) as given by host & co-host. Everybody spoke well and showcased their communication skills. This activity reflected that each stammerer had an intense desire to become a good communicator and they proved also that they are good communicators.

The meeting progressed with a new activity i.e. Role play activity. All 14 members were divided into 3 teams each consisting of 5,5,4 members respectively. The 1st team did a role play activity in which representatives of 3 different political parties were questioned by a reporter. It was really a humorous activity full of fun. The 2nd team did a role activity in which 2 directors took auditions of 3 struggling actors. This activity was especially watched by a wonderful superwoman and gave her auspicious comments to Raman especially. The 3rd team did a role activity in which 3 travelers riding in a single bike was stopped by two traffic policemen. This team also made us laugh which was spellbound.

The meeting ended with a feedback round in which each fellow members got their remarks from evaluators. Today’s meeting was benefited by the presence of Sikander Sir which helped all stammerers by his esteemed advice.
After that, we (stammerers) all went to Ugrasen ki Baoli (near Barakhamba Road), one of the most haunted place in India. We did lot of fun and enjoyment there. Pics, Poses, Pouting, Echo etc. were some of the things which we enjoyed a lot. Today’s meeting really proved a milestone towards the success of achieving good communication skill for stammerers.


Report written by,

Abhay Shankar

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Post Author: Ravi Jagga

3 thoughts on “Delhi SHG Meeting report 22nd Jan 2017

    Raman Maan

    (January 22, 2017 - 11:53 pm)

    Great work Abhay….

    Amitsingh Kushwaha

    (January 23, 2017 - 10:57 am)

    Great meeting. Role play activity is very useful for PWS.


    (February 26, 2017 - 3:29 pm)


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