My journey – 6

Hello friends ,

Hope you all are doing well in your battle of life…I am also doing great…Actually I am installing new habits in my system…. When we talk about cure of stammering then we only think that speech practice will do some cure.. BUT as i learned from sachin sir , stammering is a system wide problem – so it infected our whole system … For becoming a good communicator , we have to scan our whole system and do made some important changes in its files and folders…..

Installing new habits – like getting up early in the morning  , jogging , meditation , running , book reading , blog writing , yoga , playing game –  is one of the way to overcome this problem . when our focus will shift away from the stammering problem , then only we can find the solution of this problem….

one example is – when we feel low in our life , especially in mine case , i tend to sleep more in the morning but if right now i am installing new habit of waking up early – i will start feeling good in my life – overall i am enjoying my life right now…..

Change is hard at first , messy in the middle but gorgeous at the end . It is well said quotation – but this change should be small in starting otherwise we will derail from our goal . So start from baby steps and eventually we will from a giant habit of greatness which will become our new personality ….

I am also going to jaipur for workshop and I am hoping to me meet new PWS there.

SO keep doing what you are doing right now and you will get the results which you are getting right now ,,,,, if you are not satisfied with current results then change the things which you are doing right now……BEST OF LUCK…


  1. Sachin 2 years ago

    Man, love your hair style!
    Keep it up!

  2. Amitsingh Kushwaha 2 years ago

    Very good experience. Thanks Raman Ji.

  3. sachin 2 years ago

    Read your post again!
    Yes, system wide root kit virus!
    You need to call Open source experts to rescue your system!
    Tux is smashing the windows again- this time in stammering world!
    (ha ha..)

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