Patna Bihar SHG Meet- 5 Feb 2017


This Sunday we had a meeting on Gandhi maidan. There were three member- Alok, Suraj and Me. Following are the activities we performed-

  • Breathing Exercise for 5 minutes. It literally calm us.
  • Introduction Round.
  • Experience sharing of the past week.
  • I have shared one motivational article to all.

Alok, on the other side, found a great trick to manage his stammering. He wait for 2 seconds between the two words, so that he could speak normally.

We have also planned something from the next meeting. Such as-

  • We will sit at the distance and talk with each other (suggested by Alok).
  • Talking with the strangers.
  • Book reading from the distance.
  • Speaking with only techniques.
  • Also we were planning to make flex and banners (given by Harish) for our SHG meet. So that other could know who we are and what we are doing.

That’s all from this Sunday’s SHG report.

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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    What Alok is doing is probably called “Pausing”. Names do not matter. It is important that he has found something which works for him.. This is self-help at its best! Congrats everyone!

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