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Theatre Hat-ke is presenting their play “Taramandal” on 4th March, 2017 at Montfort Spirituality Centre.

Taramandal received the Hindu MetroPlus Playwright Award in 2010. Its written by Neel Chaudhuri.

About Theatre Hat-Ke:

Theatre hat-ke is a group originated within Bangalore SHG and as a result of the acting classes we have had since January. The first batch of acting classes culminates with this final performance of Taramandal.


Taramandal is based on Satyajit Ray’s short story, ‘Patol Babu, Film Star’. The story tells of a chance opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. Patol Babu is about fifty and has led a decidedly unglamorous life. His one passion, acting, has never really amounted to anything apart from a few theatre performances as a child in his local community group or at school. One day the possibility of a part in a film opens up. Despite it being a walk-on role of a pedestrian, Patol embraces the opportunity with open arms …

Taramandal extends this little story by constructing parallel narratives that set up and mirror Patol Babu – in younger versions of himself or people just like him. All of these stories of failed ambition in the theatre, movies or television culminate in his one single walk on opportunity.

For this presentation from Theatre Hat-ke, we have decided to take four of the parallel narratives and present as part of this performance.

The four short plays that are going to be performed are:

1) Miltey hain – Hindi

2) Doctor Man – English

3) All the lonely people – English

4) Chhota Aadmi – Hindi & English.

Performers: Mansi, Naman, Nishil, Pramod, Rajkumar, Tarunidhar.

   Directed by: Animesh

   Production support: Abhinav



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