Delhi SHG Meeting + Special Meditation Session by Art of Living, 5th March 2017

Delhi SHG Group

Delhi SHG Meeting Sunday 5th March, 2017

Special Meditation Session at end by Art of Living Teacher


# Intro
# Ground Rules & Goal Setup
# Techniques Sharing
# Extempore
# Roasting (To be Desensitised)
# Round Robin
# Stuttering Discussion & Experience Sharing
# Dare to STUTTER
# Special Meditation Session

Ground Rules:-

# One person talking at a time
# Do not complete anyone’s sentences
# Listener should maintain eye contact with the speaker
# Mobile should be on vibrate/silent
# No Cross talking
# No handshake with everyone if you are late, it disturbs entire meeting
# Do not impose your techniques on anyone
# Be open minded and smile

Timing : 11:30AM – 2:00PM

Venue : Jantar Mantar, Near Rajiv Chowk metro station gate no 6

Host: Dhruv Arora (8700743874)


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