My journey 8

Hello friends , hope all of you are fine and doing well in your life.

I am writing after long time approximately 1 month . In this one month , i got some amazing ideas about how to live more freely and happily . The secret of happiness which i found in last one month is constantly working toward my goals whether speech goal or study goal . When we work hard day and night , then we forget all these pity issues like stammering and worries. Stammering and negative feelings become stronger when we think over them day and night and just think will not lead to any solution but we have to take positive action towards over goals .

Actually in past , i thought that i have some limits whether in study or in any other goal but in this last one month i realised that i am limitless – really – . We are wandering for power here and there but we don’t know that real power is inside us and which is long lasting till our last breath – that is power of changing over future by positive karma . We are so powerful that we can’t just imagine it . Just release your all bonds and bow down before your god (mentally ) and say that you are my creator and you will provide me all the necessary stuff for this life. And he will create wonder . That is miracle in achieving all the goals in life because then we alone not strive for our goals and excellence – our inner god also strive for that excellence.

Simple sa funda ye hai Ki – Jab hum kisi kaam ko dil se karte hai to ye sab barriers toot jaate hai aur raaste aasaan ho jaate hai … raaste to apne dil aur dimag ki upr hai…. jaise sochoge waise hi ban jaenge…. and remove ‘I’ , My , Me from your life – your life will become more simpler – mera ghar , meri insult , meri degree – when there is no “Meri” , then only we can become free from all the worries.

For each Today I Enjoy my life more lively than each yesterday…..

Raman maan


  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Yes, you are limitless! You can do anything you set your heart at…
    Bravo aur lage raho…

  2. Amitsingh Kushwaha 3 years ago

    Very nice experience.

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