SHG Report 12 March Bengaluru

Despite of it being a Holi eve , PWS showed up in Cubbon Park with  enthusiasm and wisdom a week after the great
communication workshop.
Secondary Symptoms(SS): We began by an activity based on our secondary symptoms.We were supposed to voluntarily play around with our secondary symptoms.Some of us were not aware of their SS, they were suggested to make a phone-call to a person with whom they usually stutter and identify SS from video of the call.Everyone made a great attempt at discovering their SS while giving their introduction.
Stranger Talk:We divided our into 4 group and went around Cubbon Park speaking to strangers. We began asking
them about why we celebrate Holi but invariably ended our conversation with brief overview of Stammering and
TISA. The mythological and social reasons for celebrating Holi were heard with great awe by our listeners.
Group Discussion: GD was the last activity and we used voluntary stuttering here. Topic was complicated”Is our
society becoming A POST-Truth Society and way the forward ” .Everyone gave intelligent points. The  Quality of disscusion in  GD was very good as most of the PWS are well-read and aware.
From Left to right Naman, Anupam, Hari , Mohit , subrat , Rohit , Taruni , Shiva (Photo credits : Shiva.)

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