Bangalore SHG March 19, 2017 meeting report

We started our meeting with usual introduction round. In this Rohit explained how communication workshop has helped him to devise new strategies towards stammering. Making phone calls to strangers and practicing voluntary stammering in public places.

This was followed by extempore round. This is aimed at improving ability to speak spontaneously and places a test on subjective knowledge.
Next was self-description round. We need a select a line that describes us and speak over that line. Pramod took “beauty is in simplicity”.
Fourth activity was an interesting game. Group members have to select a word which could be anything. Player has to find the word by asking questions to the group. This activity helps in improving our observation skills since you have to read other people thoughts.
Organization of meeting was excellent. Time limit for each member was strictly followed.

Attendees – Pramod, Rohit, Rajkumar, Anupam, Shobith, Abhinav, Jonali

Written By – Raj Kumar


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