Dehradun Stammering Chronicles | Dehradun SHG Meet 26th March

TISA Dehradun

There are times when Dehradun comes alive with the distinct echoes of TISA fraternity. Today, we gathered in the Gandhi park to relive some beautiful memories and to create some imperishable moments to cherish forever.

TISA Dehradun


Ravi, Ashish, Pervez, and Mohit marked their presence at the much anticipated TISA Dehradun meeting. We discussed about the accomplishments and the failures. Every one seems determined to progress in their respective professions.


TISA Dehradun


TISA Dehradun



We had conversations over a cup of tea and delectable Bun Maskha. The time passed by and we wished, we just had some more time. As we progress in life, we may not meet at the same place again. We may be in different parts of this world. But, we would live with the memories, with our experiences, with our learning, and the unbreakable bond that binds us forever.

TISA Dehradun



TISA Dehradun

                                                                  In Action

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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    wah wah! Dil khush ho gaya…
    Der aaye, durust aaye..

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