Delhi SHG meeting 26-3-17

Hello Guys , Today we meet at central park as regular sunday SHG meetup .

Host – Garima Tripathi

Total members – 11 – vishal , anshul , abhay Shankar , nirmal , sanjay , devaprita , garima , Sanjeev , manish , Udit , Ravi jagga

First round – introduction – it was quite new activity as compared to same boring name , from where and study / job ?? – it was actually an introspection round – in which we all told  what we have done in last one week.

Second round – Stammering insights – how we are managing up and down points in our life – so all of us told our experience . one of the member said – don’t expect always good speech from ourselves – when we set high expectation i.e. I have to speak fluently and after it , if we stammered then we will feel bad – so accept yourself and your speech but always strive for improvement . one said – you have to do intense practice of techniques  on various levels i.e. alone , with close friends , family , office  and so on . One member shared that using bouncing technique , he felt quite good .one member said – stammer freely with smiling face . one said – in past , he thought that stammering is an evil but after associating with TISA , he felt humorous part of stammering . one said – if we hide more , then we will stammer more – so here role  of acceptance comes in the way . Again one member put a great emphasise on power of acceptance and told how it changed his entire life.

Third round – Role play round – it was quite funny round – in this we divided ourselves into groups of 3-3 and performed various roles i.e sabji wala  , college senior ragging , salesman , political mimicry and so on . We laughed very much on these roles .

Fourth round – Debate round – here battle begun – we debated on whether homework should be given to students or not and whether cellphone should be allowed in class or not.

Singing round -some of us sung songs in which stammerers showed their singing talent…

stranger talk round – we had done some pranks – we will focus more on how we can improve our stranger talk activity so that we all get benefitted from it.

So at the end , all are invited for the next sunday SHG meeting . Thanks….signing off….

Aaya karo yaar , achha lgta hai………..Desire of becoming good communicator must be greater than of every other things in life and aur kya bole…We all are mature and free enough to take right or wrong decisions…

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2 thoughts on “Delhi SHG meeting 26-3-17


    (March 29, 2017 - 11:58 am)

    oye hoye…kya baat hai Rama 🙂 nice post and really we are enough mature to take decision…meeting is a boon for which we sometime can compromise other things.

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