Wridhi Paritam – Delhi workshop Biography challenge

Hello ,
This is Wriddhi Pratim Neogi . I am 29 years old PWS from Durgapur , West Bengal .
I have done B.tech in computer science(2009) & PGDBM (2016). Presently , am working in
a Aluminium foil manufacturing company .
It’s an honour & opportunity for me to be able to enlighten my life history through my
biography .
I am also thankful to TISA to give this opportunity to me .
My stammering started , when I was 3 to 4 years old , as per my mother’s statement . From
my mother’s side , there are 2 -3 members who has stammering . But, their stammering is
not severe as of mine . Also, my stammering increases when I get nervous, or I meet some
unknown person , or when I fall into any unfavourable situation etc.
During my school days , my stammering was there , but lesser as of now . My friends were
very co-operative . After completing my schooling, I have entered into engineering college .
That is a new place , new friends . And there was also a fear of being ragged . So , my
stammering started to increase .
I made new friends, started interacting with various people . But my stammering was
increasing day by day . I was shy, introvert . Unable to express my emotion . Unable to
respond in roll-call in every class . Even teachers got habituated after some days , and even
marked my attendance only by seeing to stand up during roll-call .It was very embarrassing
for me . But even after all of these, I was very popular among my friends, due to my happy-
go-lucky nature . Even I have participated in my college fest dancing & later I have formed a
music band with my college mates and performed in many places inside colleges & outside
places .
After passing out engineering , I have joined a aluminium foil company . I have attended
many interviews of software company , but due to my stammering or fear of stammering I
have fumbled in the interviews, & got rejected . Lastly , due to fear of insecurity & fear of
the unknown world ,I have joined my uncle’s company . I am presently working there .
But , presently company’s situation is not well, & I have started looking for job elsewhere .
But even after many application , didn’t get any call or any suitable job . This condition is
prevailing since 1 year . And, I have observed that my stammering has increased form earlier
due to this dicey and uncertain situation, as I am the only earning member in my family .
I have done many speech therapies , many vocal exercises , have visited many doctors, in
my early ages and in my college time . But, their treatment effect was only temporary. I
have even operated a skin membrane under my tongue under suggestion of a doctor. He
prescribed that , after operating it will cure. But nothing happend.
Few days back I have visited TISA homepage , TISA blogs , BSA , & I came to know that ,
there is no permanent cure for stammering in the world presently . Stammering can only be
reduced to a certain level only , it cannot be cured permanently . I want to make my
speeches more fluent , I want to interact with more people . But whenever try that , an
unknown fear comes into mind , & I started stammering .
After reading TISA blogs , I have contacted kolkata tisa circle in 2016-jan , I have attended
their classes , for 5 to 6 month , my stammering was very less than . But due to some
personal reason , I was unable to continue thereafter .Due to my financial crisis , it is not
possible for me to attend every week SHG classes in Kolkata from Durgapur (as there are
various cost –room rent , food expenses , travelling cost ) . Durgapur is 180 km form Kolkata.
I am doing meditation regularly , & also sinhasana. But there effect is very little . As of now,
whenever I go to any interview or speak in phone with any unknown persons, I stammer
again a lot . I have also wanted to attend the NC of TISA or any conference held by TISA , but,
can not did due t my financial crisis .
So , one day I have contacted Sachin sir via twitter and asked him for his mail id > He
responded and gave his mail id. I wrote to him with full my details & journey of mine with
stammering . He called me , talked with me , explained various aspect and the main reason
of stammering . Also, he guided me how to overcome this . He told me to attend this Delhi
workshop . So, as per his advice I am attending this workshop .
My main aim is to be able to do a good & fluent conversation , communication with any
one . My target is to make people understand my view , my emotions .
In every class or course I have attended for stammering cure , every one is talking about
speaking technique , but no one cares about the inside feeling . After go through with tisa
blogs I have came to know that they mainly works with removing inner fear, shyness ,
feeling of embarrassment . So I am very much hopeful towards this workshop & very excited
to meet other pws in Delhi . As it is my first time in Delhi , I am little bit nervous also .
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2 thoughts on “Wridhi Paritam – Delhi workshop Biography challenge


    (April 14, 2017 - 9:25 pm)

    Delhi is a great city and you will have LOTS of friends.. So, welcome to Delhi in advance!


    (April 15, 2017 - 9:47 am)

    Superb bro… we’ll meet in Delhi

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