Gurvinder singh – TISA DELHI Biography challenge


I am working with a telecom MNC.  My stammering problem is not very
intense, As I remember it was very less when I was a kid but it grew
somewhat and I faced the problem when I came to 10th class. When I
joined the College for my B. Tech, I faced the problem on some

But when I joined the professional world after my engenerring, there
has been ocassions when I faced the stammering problem. Receently I
completed Execuritve MBA and here as well on some occasions like while
giving the presentation or asking questions from Prof. I faced the
stammering problem.

I noticed one thing that satmmering happens mostly when I am speaking
in front of large gathering or in meetings or while standing on stage.

But I am hopeful, now I am attending the SHG workshop in Delhi- I will
learn the new techniques to overcome this random problem.

Best regards,
Gurvinder Singh

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1 thought on “Gurvinder singh – TISA DELHI Biography challenge


    (April 24, 2017 - 7:30 am)

    Congrats, Gurvinder- and best wishes from all of us!

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