Monu Dhingra’s story – Delhi WS Biography challenge

My self is Monu Dhingra, aged 34. I belong to small town Kaithal( Haryana). In my family we are 2 brother and 1 sister. I am younger one in family.
Since childhood i am suffereing from stammering . Initial my voice was not clear,but it get clear as age progress, but stammering start gradualy.
I have huge burden in my brain all time , what i will do if ahev to speak any where. Even when i went to my relative, there too talk less.
Just to hide my stammering and use particular word in sentance where i less stutter.
I was particular to words while speaking .Day by day i become introvard kind of personality.
Even in school i never raise my hand, if my teacher ask any qustion in class.
I have very few and particular kind of friends, who dont have any problem with my stammering.
While graduation i was very much enthusiaitic to become an engineer, but in parllal i fear for JOB interview . That how i will crack interview.
I passed B.Tech from average Engineering college of Kaithal at 2004., where no campus placement exist at that time.
So struggle start immediatly after college start. I start my first job with Rs 3000/- per month, since i did not have expecation from me and already made my
mind to work hard to rise in life. So i work hard and choose telecom job, where communication skill is hardly matter.
After 5 years of struggling period, i was so tense about life ,since i was not in reputed firm. Then  i went to bangalore
as business tour. Where i join Mr Partha Baggachi institute and learn prolongation & breathing technique.
Which help to improve my speaking style. But my practice did not continue and i failed continue slow speaking style in life.

Today i am working in reputed company,but still try to hide stammering in front of others.

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    (April 24, 2017 - 7:32 am)

    Yes, that slow speaking style does not work without dealing with deeper psychological issues. TISA will be very happy to help you with that.. Congrats!

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