Delhi WS – Thanks for support

Hi Guys ,

Hope all are doing great and i am also doing good.  Delhi workshop is now become a nice memory of past . A lot of things learnt from participants , orgnisers which i am sharing soon .

  1. Photos of delhi workshop is sharing soon – but i am adding link of a few pics –
  2. Vidoes –  i am trying to collect all videos and then i’ll upload it on youtube and will share a link here
  3. Report – a hindi report is being written by amit singh kushwaha – will be shared soon
  4. Personal experience of candidates – i am encouraging candidates to make blog account and share their experience on blog and many more stories in future
  5. I am also sharing my experience as a first time workshop oragnizer – but after few days –

Thanks to –

  1. to all participants – agar aap na aate to workshop nhi ho paati – thanks for your appearance – koi west bengal se aaya , koi bhopal se , koi bihar se – hats off to your commitment for changing life style
  2. sachin sir to encouraging us to oragnise workshop alone and he is trying to make more leaders than mere followers
  3. Aashish agrwal – for hosting meeting in a beautiful manner
  4. Guest appearance – Amit singh kushwaha – for his commitment and setting an example before us
  5. Sikander sir , Jitendra and dixit arora for their quick appearance while having busy schedule
  6.  shailendra – for supporting me in this workshop and making things easier – venue booking and food accommodation , stationary and many more things
  7. Ravi – for his workshop planning , promotion and team co operation making
  8. Garima -for her appearance as only single female in this workshop and hats off for her commitment for improving her and other fellow members communication skills
  9. Myself – yes , me . i m writing more after few days about my own experience , challenges and learning

agar koi rah gaya ho ya fir koi galti ho gyi ho to please forgive me …… love you TISA

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3 thoughts on “Delhi WS – Thanks for support

    Amitsingh Kushwaha

    (April 25, 2017 - 12:34 pm)

    Dear Raman and Delhi Team, Congratulations for organized this wonderful communication workshop. I have learned many new things like how we work for our body language, eyes contact and enjoyed all activities. Thanks.

      Raman Maan

      (April 25, 2017 - 12:40 pm)

      Thanks for coming … we also learnt a lot of things from you … supporting others not only when you need others but when others needs you…


    (April 27, 2017 - 4:09 pm)

    Yes, this is the way for each one of us to go! Not to some therapist – but to more and more activism, helping others selflessly and looking at the big picture- which is COMMUNICATION !! Well done, Delhi!

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