Bangalore SHG Report 30 April 2017

Hi All,

30 April meeting was coordinated by Jonali. The meeting started with usual introductions. This time we had a new member in the group. His name was Vinayak. He is 10th standered student and he came to know about TISA by searching this on internet. He had come with his Parents.
After Introduction, we had a round of extempore topics. Topics were given by random person. Evderyone spoke quite well on this. We are getting confident in extempore topics round now. After this we had stranger talk, in which we formed two groups and went on to talk to people. Post this, we had session of sharing the experience in the stranger talk. As told by sharath, Vinayak quite easily grasped the concept of stranger talk. Where their parents were telling that he is very shy, he took the opportunity to speak to stranger at once he was guided. This shows how daring he is.

In this meeting we also had Melisha, HR member from infosys, who was curious about TISA and has asked to join the meeting. She had some questions of her own regarding the activities in the meeting. Jonali since being the coordinator, replied to all her queries.

After the experience sharing session, we had role play, in which we were decided into two groups and then asked to think of a situation n then we need to act. one situation was an annoyed waiter in the restaurant and another was cunning sales man. Both teams acted fantastically and showed some thinking on the feet skills.  With this we concluded our meeting.

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  1. Sachin 2 years ago

    Congrats Jonali- welcome Vinayak!
    Wow- Banglore group!

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