Mumbai SHG Mega-Meet (30th APRIL 2017) – A Report

30th April 2017..Last Sunday of this month and as always Megaaaaaa SHG was on. It was our 4th Mega SHG which we do constantly on the last Sunday of every Month. The Last 3 Mega SHGs were taken place twice at National Park and once at Pheonix Mall. Also we met once at Bandstand Bandra.

I was thinking to keep the shg at Viviana Mall at Thane and from the last one week Dhruv and I had frequent discussions on what should we do for this shg so that it will be a grandddddd success. Dhruv finally said lets make it a sports day where we can play different games and finally we decided to do it in YMCA itself.

Dhruv decided the agenda for the meet and we decided to play Cricket but there was no bat with anyone. I reached YMCA at 11.25 am and the security guard who was present at the YMCA ( He is a very nice and friendly person) somehow we persuaded him that we wanted to play. This meet was attended by Dhruv, Saurabh, Gaurav Suttar, Jayaprakash, Jayesh, Kavish, Aslam (A New Member) and Yours Truly. I had the Table Tennis Racket with me and the ping pong ball. Gaurav and Jayesh were experts in TT and we started playing Table Tennis. It was such an awesome experience. The main thing abt Tisa is not just activities. Its a social gathering too where we can play, have fun, laugh around, etc. Guys, this is life !! Without fun, is there any life? An absolute NO !!

In YMCA there are two rooms, in one room we were playing Table Tennis and in another room we had discussions abt planning a communication workshop in Mumbai on the first week of June, then on Ipl Matches, On the type of movies we like, etc.

Then it was 1.00 pm and Dhruv had a brought a Frisbee. Frisbee is a saucer which we used to play in childhood remember? Flying Saucer. We started to throw the Frisbee and played catch catch. We made 2 teams. This game went on for almost an hour. During the game, we divided the game into different rounds. The first round was as u throw the Frisbee u will say a number and the person who catches will say the next number. This will go on till u drop. If u drop the catch again u need to go back to the scratch. Right from number 1. Next round it was bum game and catching. Bum game is a game where u say “Bum” during a multiple of 4 and when u say 14, u need to say, “One Bum” and so on. It was super fun. We need to concentrate on two things one is catching and on the numbering. If u commit any errors u need to go back again from the first. The third round was we started working on communication too along with this and that is Bouncing on the word Bum. Next round was Following any of the technique on the word “Bum” and repeating it for the next numbers till u say “Bum” again. The lesson that we learnt from this game was We did multitasking, then we focussed on communication skills and also we need to listen on each and every thing. U are very involved in it also u should not drop the saucer. It was really a super thrilling experience. Thanks to Dhruv.

After this Aslam which was his First shg meet joined us and we told him abt Tisa and what we do.

After this, it was Lunch Time and Saurabh took us to Balaji Restaurant at Ghatkopar. We had Puris, Chapatis, Two Bhajis, Noodles, Cold Drinks and Tea. Also during lunch we had a discussion on how sportsmanship plays an important role with stammering. The common views were a sports person never Gives up and always plays whether he/she wins or  loses. We should never lose our focus. Same goes with Stammering. Say what u want to whether u stammer or not.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and it will remain a memorable meet in the years to come. Thank u Dhruv for planning today’s mega shg meet. I hope more and more people will join us and our grp is to help any person who stammers. Come and join us. Your life will completely change and You will be a new person.


Best Regards,
Nikhil Iyer( The Indian Stammering Association)

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    (May 4, 2017 - 7:41 am)

    Wow- sounds like mini-NC with mega fun…

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