Mumbai SHG meeting : 14-May-2017

Theme Of Meeting: Mother’s Day

Total members present: 11

Members present 🙂

Meeting Manager: Dhruv


The session starts with the small introduction in which each member have to stand up and for few seconds he/she have to relax simultaneously making eye contact with others.

Then extempore Session has been executed in which each member was having the same topic “Mother”.As we all can talk a lot on this topic. Everyone share something about their mother, some stories on mother’s love.

Extempore :Vishal Bhavana , Ashu Kavish Dhruv Saurabh Prasad ,Nikhil Prachi JaiPrakash Hitesh

Following communication manual below activities were performed:
1) Draw your stammer
2)Draw your Iceberg and fill it in
3)Writing program goals

Prachi’s Stammer


Prachi’s IceBerg


Vishal’s Iceberg


Vishal’s Goals


vishal’s Stammer


Everyone come up with amazing drawing, below I will be attaching few of them.

While at the same time member who already had completed P1 activities last week were preparing for their speeches.
The following members delivered their P1 today:

After completion of P1 speeches, Vishal told a great story on Gandhiji and asked everyone to consider stammering as a part of life also he added there are many things within us on which we can focus and can achieve a lot. In last he asked us to donate our stammering but question raised was who will take that donation.LOL

Then for next week meeting roles has been distributed and the theme has been finalized.

Today’s meeting was also different due to the presence of mid-day reporter, who has visited SHG today and will be writing awareness article in mid-day next week.

Mumbai SHG meets every Sunday at YMCA Ghatkopar from 2:30-5 pm. YMCA Ghatkopar Address:

To join the Mumbai Whatsapp group, msg Ashu 9922669510, Dhruv 9930693364, Bhavana 9420497157, or Saurabh 8655717561.

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