Mumbai SHG Meeting Summary -04/06/17

SHG Selfie…

Theme Of Meeting: Monsoon

Total members present:03 (Effect of India vs Pak Match.. :P)

Meeting Manager: Dhruv

The meeting starts with a free discussion in general. The meeting was dedicated to bouncing technique, practicing, etc about bouncing.
More details explain below:
1) Bouncing is done by bouncing thrice on each word
2) Bouncing with smile
3) Bouncing “Main haklati/haklata hu..!!”
4) Whispering
5) Shouting
6) Doing hand gesture

After that, we tried to create a story using different bouncing types as below:
1) Bouncing Slowly
2) Bouncing on alternate word
3) Fast bouncing
4) Slow bouncing
5) Bouncing on the third word

The aim was all these different to unfreeze ourselves and making comfortable with bouncing. We discuss how can we implement bouncing in real life.Everyone was having different views but overall output was:
1) Implement bouncing in easy situation like talking with yourself 2) Try to implement with your friends, parents
3) Try in real life situation
4) To get more comfortable with bouncing you can start to bounce on easy word (The word on which you feel you won’t stammer)
5) Write down your experience

Topic: Share your experience about Monsoon
Extempores are linked below:

Abbas’s Extempore on Monsoons

Dhruv’s Extempore on Snowy Monsoons

Bhavana’s Extempore on Monsoons

Prepared Speech:
Bhavana gave her Project 2 speech “What I learn about my stammering”.

Bhavana’s P2 – Learn about your stammering

Dhruv gave his project 3 speech “Play with your speech”. But he wanted to play more with his speech so he will be giving Project 3 speech in next SHG.

After the prepared speech, we discussed next meeting agenda and role booking.

Mock Panel Interview:
As Abbas was having an interview next day we SHG member took his mock panel interview for practice. He did an excellent job no doubt.


With Block Face.. 🙂

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  1. Sachin 3 years ago

    Welcome Abbas! Hope you have had good time giving your interview..
    All three of you have spoken really well- but you have not moved around much. Was it because camera could not be panned? Not a big deal- but being totally relaxed often manifests as a little movement around as opposed to being rooted to one spot… Of course there can be exceptions…
    Thanks for sharing your videos.. Always a joy!

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