As by profession I have to meet the doctors as per their timings and days for collecting the insights related to pharma products .And it’s field work job ,so sometimes we have to think where to sit if their is time in between doctors call (meeting a doctor is we sat call ) .

Just small thing wants to share related to that ,and their is big learning behind that .

Sitting on bus stand is what I do when I get time in between calls ,when there is no other option to sit (hospital or clinics)

Observing people ,
Some one who goes to fern the gaming parlor in chembur(Area in mumbai )for playing pool and other games and some one who is seeling flowers to people inside the car in between signal stop .

Some one is waiting 30 mins for bus(due to less fare charged ) to go ghatkopar( is area 13-15 I’m far from chembur ) and other person respect the time(priority work ) over money goes to auto for same destination.

Some one who is eating vada pav at bus stand and someone who is having snacks inside 3 star restaurant in A/C.

In life ,we should see each and every thing from both sides ,whether it’s positive or negative
Wether it’s good or bad .

Like coin has two sides same life has two sides .
For people who are struggling for money are doing hardwork and at the end they will feel happy for days collection and people who has enough money are enjoying life moments with things they like .

Never regret what u don’t have ,just smile n try to find out solution in any difficulty.

Because life is beautiful

  1. Bhavana 2 years ago

    Great write up… And nicely expressed… :)Thank you for sharing…

  2. Sachin 2 years ago

    So true! Reminds me of a saying: Two men look out of a prison window: one sees bars, the other sees open sky.. This change in perspective gradually comes to – I think – all of us eventually. LIFE as a patient and wise teacher, never gives up on us! All that we have to do, as STUDENTS, is – to live life whole-heartedly; embrace pain as tightly as pleasure; welcome setbacks as much as success – and keep asking ourselves every moment- “What is the learning here?”…
    Thanks Jai Prakash, for sharing such profound thoughts..

    • Author
      jaiprakash 2 years ago

      thank you so so much sir:) ,yes very true every one has to live life whole heartedly.

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