Bangalore SHG Meeting Report-18th June-17

SHG Meeting 18th June’2017
Cubbon Park, Bangalore
It was a well spent Sunday morning. We met at Cubbon Park, the same old place that I’ve seen in earlier report pics of Bangalore SHG where PWS usually meet. It was my first day in TISA and I reached there by 11AM where I met Anupam, the SHG coordinator and Soumyajit, who was also a newbie.
Soon I was acquainted with the techniques like voluntary stammering, bouncing method, elongation of speech, which are being followed by TISA members. Well then, Bharat, Abhinav and Kavish joined us after a while and we had a round of introduction.
After that we were given the topic for today’s fun game by Anupam and it was great. We had to speak about a movie plot based on anything like a documentary, an informative movie or a sequel of an existing one, which we want to get directed and released. Soon different ideas came up, few of us also mentioned cast, music, and director of their movie with whom they want to work. I was scared to speak as usual, but anyhow tried as everybody encouraged me to do so.
There were beautiful goodies for the newcomers, so both of us, Soumyajit and I received a photo frame with a message related to self acceptance of stuttering. We had few group photos and with this we wound up for the day and walked towards Cubbon Park metro station and I noticed how other members voluntarily stammering while interacting with strangers, like ticket counter staff of metro station.
The whole event made our day special. I felt motivated to be a part of this group and will try to attend all the future meetings.
Report Written by
~ Suvadip Ghosh

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Bangalore SHG Meeting Report-18th June-17


    (June 22, 2017 - 1:37 pm)

    Congrats Suvadip and Soumyajit!
    You will benefit a lot by practicing 1-2 basic techniques, consistently and under various situations. Dont be carried away by plethora of “techniques” promoted by people who dont understand the psychology of stammering. Acceptance is like being in the present moment: if you are in Cubbon park at this moment- how can you say I am in a picture hall? Right? In any case, saying what is not true, how can it help? So, acceptance is sheer common sense. And it opens the doors – to inner well being and Good communication. All this and much more is possible if we all contribute to self-help groups. If we are sincere, it can become the next AA movement.. Best wishes to all of you!

      Suvadip Ghosh

      (June 22, 2017 - 2:06 pm)

      Thanks a lot.. Sachin Sir

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