SHG Meeting Attended by
Nikhil ,bhavana,Gaurav ,Vishal ,Kavesh ,JP, Shubham ( new member ,he is not an Stammer doing​ his research on speech related disorders) and letter on shyam joint us .

The theme of the meeting was GST

Meeting started with introduction round where everyone has to speak about how he / she spend last week along with name .
During this round ,Vishal told he lost his debate session in college ,nikhil thought we will have something on this .

The second round was Extempore session facilitated by bhavana ,where she given one topic related to GST to everyone and Everyone spoke about 2 mins on his / her topic .

The third round was giving speech
where JP given prepared speech on GST .
Vishal on project manual topic on iceberg theory .
N Gaurav given random speech related to his experience.

After third round shaym has joined

Fourth round was Quiz round ,facilitated by nikhil ,where he has prepared some questions with options like KBC, related to Indian political history and general knowledge.
The main purpose was to learn how quick somebody give Answer to question .

Fifth round was Group Discussion,the topic was
Social Media is good or bad .
Everyone told their points regarding that topic .
Shayam was evaluating everyone individually and at the end he given feedback individually about how we should take gd in real life situation,because corporate world is evaluating individual personality on gd.
He also given 3 techniques about how to generate points for GD .

Last round was Antakshiri round ,where everyone enjoyed allot.

Meeting Ended with a selfie .

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Post Author: jaiprakash

1 thought on “MUMBAI SHG MEETING 09/07/2017


    (July 13, 2017 - 8:56 pm)

    I guess, TISA need to issue a proper selfie phone to every SHG!!
    But, anyway, everyone is recognizable, with a big smile..
    That (smile) is what matters, at the end of the day! Right?

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