SHG meet Bangalore [09/07/2017]

Success belongs to those who dares to dream about it.

I promised myself again to attend SHG meeting yet again after a long gap. As always woke up not in time, skipped breakfast and directly embarked to our venue Cubbon park. I met Mohit near small hut and as it was occupied we went to large hut. Dinesh and Musa were already present there. We welcomed our new group joinee Dhanajay who is working as Class A govt. professional and pursuing Phd. from BAARC.

Dinesh was in charge of the meeting and we started with our introduction. That went as usual. Then came the next round where we had to share our one incident from life where we had faced sadness just because of our stutter. We all shared our all those incidents, tried to retrospect what was wrong and how SHG is helping or could help to manage all those tough situations we experienced in our past. Building confidence is the key and attending SHG meetings regularly gives us a real time environment for improving our speech.
Then Musa gave his prepared speech that was based on first toastmaster icebreaker.
Then we practised our feared word which we face very hard to speak up. Practised some realaxation techniques to relax our body, nod our head and then try to speak that word.
At last we said Goodbye to each other and dispersed into our daily life to stutter happily.
Thanks for reading.
  1. Sachin 2 years ago

    Many of us, dont realize that there is an undercurrent of sadness in our life – and just becoming fluent is not going to undo the damage done in the past, to us as sensitive human beings.
    Therefore, it is important that we talk about these past events, come to grips with them- and then, God willing, rise above them – besides working on communication, presentation and leadership skills etc.

    Pain, which is acknowledged, embraced, understood- can become a useful resource for onward journey. Else, it is just that- a heaviness, a sadness, which comes unbidden and spoil an evening OR wake us up at 3 am – and leave us dissatisfied with everything for the rest of the day..
    Good job, friends! Dinesh is the right person to take us on that journey of self-discovery..
    Keep walking!

  2. Anish Rao 2 years ago

    Hi, will another meetup in Bangalore be happening? I’d love to join. My details are in the form below.

    • Author
      Sudhanshu Pant 2 years ago

      Hi Anish,
      SHG (Self Help Group) meet-ups happen every Sunday at Cubbon Park Bangalore from 10 AM to 1 PM.
      Please do attend and get help by helping others.
      For any queries kindly contact me.

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