Dehradun SHG Meeting, 27th July, 2017

Most of the SHG meeting that happens across the country happen mostly on weekends. We, here at DEHRADUN SHG, are changing the trend and we have our meeting on weekdays (mostly on Thursdays) as most of the members are busy during weekends, and believe me, the meetings now have become more interesting and happening. The participants are also increasing with every meeting, thanks to the brain child of Mr. Raghunath!

This week’s meeting took place on Thursday (late evening) at Gandhi Park. It was attended by 5 members (last week it was 3) – Ashish, Dayal, Raghunath, Akash, and Mohit Gaur.

The meeting was an informal one so that every gets to talk about anything. The meeting started on a good note with every member giving a short introduction.

We welcomed a new member, Mohit Gaur, who shared his story and experience with us over a cup of Lemon Masala Chai.

The highlight of the meeting was an activity called the story timeline where one member had to start a story with a sentence and the others had to pitch in their thoughts in order to complete the story.

The story turned out to be so amazing that it had more twists than any Bollywood movie; right from saving a girl from stray dogs to getting framed as drug addicts and thrown into the jail. (P.S. – Stammerers are very creative!)

The meeting ended on a good note with the new member promising to attend the next meeting. We, as a group, discussed to have proper agenda for the next meeting.

As the sun disappeared behind the Shiwaliks, we headed to our homes with a satisfactory smile on our faces and pledging to meet again with revived vigor.


Written by – Ashish Lakra, Dehradun SHG

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  1. Sachin 2 years ago

    Amazing idea of meeting on weekdays! Creative solution! I m impressed…

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