Meeting attended by Vishal ,Nikhil ,Jayesh foka and JP .

1st round- introduction round..
Where every one spoke about his name ,place ,current working /job ,hobbies etc .

2nd round -Experience sharing about how you came to know Stammering

Every one spoke on this for an about 10-12 mins ,and everyone’s response was positive towards Stammering means the Stammering has help in every way rather than pulling lowerwords.

3rd round -Extempore and speech

Everyone got topic for Extempore (3mins) like –

1.JP –what are the important tips for an candidate who goes for an interview for job.
2.jayesh – your views on ,should Chinese products be banned ?
3.Nikhil – If your are PM of India ,how you tackle poverty as an big problem ?
4.Vishal – major differences between rural doctors and urban doctors .

Then speech round-
1)JP given speech on 4Ps of marketing.that is product ,price ,place and promotion .
2) Vishal given speech on different types of medicines and how should everyone take medicines .

last round -playing bum game

Everyone has to say bum on numbers which comes in table of 4 and 7.
It was wonderful fun, at the end nikhil has won the game .

In between every one shared their views about why people don’tcome to Tisa .

Meeting ended with selfie ??

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Post Author: jaiprakash

3 thoughts on “MUMBAI SHG MEETING 23/07/2017


    (July 29, 2017 - 12:01 pm)

    Nice “Before and after” kind of photo..!!

    I would love to find out what was shared about “why people don’tcome to Tisa”..
    For me, even one pws in a SHG meeting is fine- But as a social researcher, I would like to know what is the reason. I think it is because- Most PWS dont want to believe that they have a “problem”. They would love to live like “normal” guys. Do “normal” guys go to a SHG? Of course not!
    AND I support this view: that stammering is NOT a disease – for which you need NOTgo to a SHG. In stead, you should go to a SHG for great social time, fun and to brushing up your social Communication skills. ALL this is done even by “normal” various ways.

    Best Wishes!


      (July 29, 2017 - 10:20 pm)

      hello sir ,
      we were discussing about why people are not coming to SHG ,we kept ourselves in them position and thought what are possible reasons,major ones would be

      1.people are either busy with their studies or job life or business life ,they just get one day to spend with their family and friends .
      2.Our old members have learnt what are the techniques for controlling stammering during routine works so they uses those techniques and became habbituated.
      3.and on an average ,coming to SHG from all over mumbai (via different transportation like trains ,buses and autos) takes 4 to 5 hours plus tiredness of travelling ,so did not feels worth (about old members ) also on sunday the mumbai railway system has megablock due to their maintainace work ,fast trains are not working between 11Am to 4pm .
      4.people are feeling these techniques are not working practically , apart from Acceptance( this is my personal observation as on whatsapp group people talks about meditations ,and all yoga techniques )

      and more reasons will be there ,i have thought regarding this ki i will make questionnaire on google doc ,and will take feedback from everyone via link .
      once dhruv will free i will have talk with him and will take next step.



    (July 30, 2017 - 10:01 pm)

    Thanks Jaiprakash! Very valuable feedback..

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