Mysore SHG Meeting 30th July’2017

Mysore SHG PWS at Cheluvamba Park met once again this fine Sunday morning in order to put another leap towards acceptance and awareness.

Coordinator: Deepak
No. of participants: 7

(left to right) Nandish, Ningappa, Deepak, Mallikarjun, Sneha, Suvadip, Yatheesh

The meeting started around 10AM with a round of introduction using very slow prolongation followed by moderate prolongation. Ningappa recorded a video so that we can watch it later and improve our speech, and get to know our facial expressions and voice.
Then another round, it was basically Pranayama. We did Anulom-vilom, Kapalbhati and one more breathing exercise. Deepak told us about many more types of Pranayama that could be practised to get more benefit.
Pranayama was followed by newspaper reading loudly using prolongation technique.
After reading round we all shared, last week’s experience, what we did, how we faced difficult situations while speaking and what we did to manage them.
Deepak also suggested and demonstrated how to practice vowel sounds (A,E,I,O,U) loudly.

The meeting was very informative for all of us. We concluded with our feedback for this week meeting and group photo.

Get in touch with us:
Suvadip: 7022922043 or

  1. Sachin 3 years ago


    Nice to see people taking charge of their own destiny!
    Nothing like self-effort! You stand to lose nothing- and gain everything in the bargain!

    Please try some stranger talk next time. Seems difficult but is easy and FUN, once you start. Get in touch with Banglore SHG to learn how to do it. It is simple: you behave and act like a news paper reporter. That is all. Magic!

    Also get in touch with Ivan (Manglore). He can help by spreading your events and news in media.
    All the best from all of us in TISA !

  2. Author
    Suvadip Ghosh 3 years ago

    Sure, we will include stranger talk in the agenda next time we meet.
    Thank you 🙂

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