meeting attended by total 12 members ..
Dhruv Gupta ,Rahul Agarwal ,Shayam Sundar ,Jaiprakash Achhra ,Jayesh foka ,Jayesh Patil,Ashok Agicha ,Karthik ,Vishal Mishra ,Nikhil iyer ,Pravesh Rathod and Jugal Hemnani (Came late ).

1) first round–introduction round
where every one has to speak their name ,place ,profession,
hobbies and how he spend last week ,
Every one spoke about 1-2 mins on his introduction.

2) Second round–Playing fun loving game*

Basically it’s game for memory enhancing ,
it’s like Uncle Joe is going to fly US from India ,every member has to contribute to his Bag as an gift ,whatever member wants to give ,he can pack for him.
And main thing in game, is you have to say everyone’s name of gift and pass on along with your gift name .

Main learning from this game is to
enhance memory ,
You have to be very attentive every time ,
listening skills will improve ,and
Yes Stammer freely while speaking, with lots of fun and enjoyment..


Uncle joes game vedio link :

3)Third round–Extempore round
The theme of Extempore​ session,

“Success and Failure like coin has two sides”

Every one spoke about 150 secs means 2&1/2 minutes ,and feedback given individually once member finish his speech .

It was wonderful ,motivating and inspiring session where every member told about their failure part and how he overcome that and got real life changing success in his life,along with this some members shared examples of very successful people’s in their field like MS Dhoni .

below are the links of individual extempore youtube links :




4) Ashu:

5)jayesh foka;


7)jayesh patil;


9) vishal :

10)vishal part2:




4)Last round

Ashu shared his experience about vipasana

from 12-23 July Ashu went for vipasana coarse to igatpuri center and he done that very successfully

He shared how continous meditation will help in every thing ,Acceptance is key to success , also
what he has done right from day one to last day ,meditation timings ,sleeping pattern ,food given by them,challenges during 10 days and more .

Then he taurt everyone about two techniques ,which he learned during vipasana
2. Actual vipasana ,

And everyone did these 2 techniques as an practice for about 25 mins ,so that everyone can do at their home .

There were lots of quarries about viapasana from every member ,he sloved very well

5)Lastly there were quarries about brahmvidya and vipasana ,everyone contributed to this ,like open discussion forum

Meeting ended with an selfie


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