TISA MOOC (Online Class)

NOTE: Thanks for the overwhelming response! Enrollment for the 1st batch is closed at 40 students. Next batch will be announced sometime in November 2017. 

Know Thy Stammer

I have spoken to a few people who recently contacted TISA, and who were added to a few whatsapp groups and who received couple of emails and phone calls. One common thread was: They wanted more comprehensive, consistent and customized support; More structured learning and hand-holding. Instead, they suddenly got bombarded with lots of resources (and sometime conflicting opinions from well wishers) – so much so that they were a little confused/ intimidated. They wanted to learn more than “Acceptance”; Some intellectual engagement in addition to emotional support. They wanted someone to help them do things in real life.

Considering this feedback, TISA has launched a MOOC – a Google class, something like Coursera or Udacity. It will start and end at a given time. Duration about 8 weeks. It will offer curated and customized study material, with online assignments and feedback- and 121 support. There will be hangouts with special invitees. It will have evaluations and a course completion certificate. And an individualized road map for future. And in the spirit of TISA, it is FREE. But you do have to commit time and ENGAGE. You do have to finish online assignments on TIME – because the course itself must end at a given point. It should take not more than 2-3 hours per week. Knowledge of English and ability to record your own videos is essential.

If you want to be a PIONEER and join, to go on a journey of learning about yourself,  your stammering and a lot more, send your email ID to us (see below) asap. And yes, Faculty is Dr Satyendra Srivastava plus invited “experts” from time to time. Medium: English. Equipment: Computer with Internet access. Even android phone is fine. Prior qualification: Ability to read and write English and record self-videos. Plus your good old stammering with an attitude to learn, explore and overcome.

You may write to us for enrollment at: satksri@gmail.com

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