Bangalore SHG Meeting Report- 05 Aug 2017

It was a beautiful Sunday. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect for another round of enticing SHG meeting. In the lush green Cubbon Park, we gathered at 10 am for kicking off the meeting. Animesh, Naman, Nishil, Surender,  Musa, Nikhil, Kavish, Amarnath, Ranjeeth and Hari Krishna were present for the meeting.
The following was the agenda planned for the meeting:
  1. Introduction with a thought sharing/experience sharing
  2. Prepared speeches: Icebreaker speeches
  3. GD
  4. Impromptu speeches
  5. Stranger talk
  6. Target setting for next week
  7. Summarizing the take away of the meeting.
 The meeting started with the usual Introduction round which is some of the PWS ‘s worst nightmare in the planet. The introduction round was a  detailed one wherein each person shares his hobbies, interest, recent experiences etc.
Then we moved onto prepared speech round. Two of the members had given prepared speeches and feed back on the improvement areas were shared with them for further improvement. We were following the Toast master guidelines for the prepared speeches ( Prepared speeches instill confidence in PWS and equip them to be a better communicator in the outside world.
It was time for experience sharing round.All the members spoke for 5 minutes sharing their experiences on varied topics that extended from stammering related childhood memories, professional experiences, metro rail, civil construction, gaming, share market and what not..!!. The experience sharing round was very informative and shed light on many more new avenues to be explored.
We then moved onto impromptu speech round. Since PWS will encounter many impromptu moments in real life, non-familiar topics were selected for each impromptu speeches.
Then it was the time for GD and the topic for GD was the controversial animal slaughter ban in India. It was a constrictive GD which ensured participation of all the members.
Later, the team discussed regarding the preparations for the National Conference scheduled on 30 Sep 2017 at Chandigarh. The discussion was also extended on Bangalore SHG members next theater event under the banner of “fish bone collective”.
Due to the paucity of time, we couldn’t undertake stranger talk that was part of the agenda for the meeting. During the meeting, it was opined that some more activities like breathing exercises and energizing activities shall also be included in the upcoming meetings.
After summarizing the major takeaways of the meeting and setting the targets for the next week, the meeting was concluded with a selfie.
Hari Krishna
If you are interested in getting touch with us and to be a part of the Bangalore SHG, give a shout out to Dinesh(9880050526), Hari Krishna(8861371131).

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