3rd Hangout SHG – A Report

Finally we organised our 3rd Google hangout meeting . We are 4 members in that meeting –

1. Lokendra 2. Rahul 3. Naresh 4. Bhupendra
While our guests are –
* Satyendra Shrivastav sir
* Vishal Gupta sir
The theme of our meeting is Indian independence.
 We started with introduction round . After that we shared our life experiences with stammering . Then we started our group discussion round with topic ” what India should do to become superpower in 21 st century ” . After that we started our extempore round in which we given the topic ” Using of Smartphone is good or bad ” and each member shared their opinions about that . And finally we ended our meeting with Story telling and a healthy discussion on Tisa techniques. Our 1 hr meeting was from 10 am to 11 am . And theme of our meeting was Indian independence. We will arrange our next meeting on Sunday , we request more PWS to attain such hangout meets.
Reported By: 
Bhupendra Singh Rathore (Rajastan)

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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